What clients have said

“Steph really helped me be honest with myself and face some underlying issues that were preventing me from enjoying successful relationships. With Steph's guidance and encouragement I learned how to overcome co-dependence and set healthy boundaries which I am still using in my relationships today! She was always sensitive and gentle while not being afraid to hold me accountable and give me a strong push in the right direction.  I would highly recommend her services for anyone who is ready to move their relationships to the next level.” -SC

“Steph rocks; patient, agreeable and very smart.  It felt like speaking to a friend.  She is very in-tuned with herself and her environment and can help you achieve the same.  If you need concrete methods to live in the moment and cure social anxiety, she's your girl.  Bonus points: great location downtown close to union square.” – AD

“Steph is a wonderful personal and business coach, psychologist. She is an incredibly strong and empathetic person. I booked 9 sessions with her to work on a more mindful approach to life, relationships, and business advice. The sessions with her were fabulous. Steph listens without judgment, ask very smart questions, which help look at the problem from a different angle, gives recommendations, and homework. She helps understand yourself/others/situation better.  She puts 100% into the sessions and is always prepared, remembers all we discussed and follows up.  I was very impressed with all of her business and personal coaching.  I run a law practice and needed Steph's help to balance relations, hire right people, balance life in general. I asked Steph questions ranging from "how to hire the right employee" to "how to understand other's motivations better". She does not tell you the answer. She gives you a system to find the answer, which you can apply to life situations and use it when in doubt. Very impressive.  Steph is an awesome coach and I would highly recommend her services.”   -NM

 “A couple years ago I left my job as a software developer, frustrated by the short-term vision of our leadership. Part of the joy in any job is the pride we take in our work, but we were pushed to the next project before the preceding felt like a source of pride.  After nearly two years of being largely unproductive, I realized that getting me to resume working would require a different approach. Setting timelines and schedules didn't work because without accountability, I was free to go for a hike instead and work on it tomorrow. Or next week. And so on.  So initially, my interest was only in having someone to whom I could be accountable. Stephanie helped me find my own motivation and accountability. Not with the iron fist I was trying to impose, but through better understanding my own motivations, interests and goals, as well as strengths and weaknesses.  Now I am indeed self-motivated and enjoying the challenges I've set for myself. The key word in that sentence is "enjoying." It was a drudgery before doing this career work. Each day had a sense of guilt for not reading about new technologies or working on some kind of project. Now the passion, curiosity and pride that had been lost is the energy for intellectual pursuits.  Your story may take a different path, like finding a totally new career or maybe something different within your market segment or even a raise or new challenge within your company. Whatever your goal, consider giving this a try. Her insight could be a great way to foster success for you too.” –TC

 “Steph is patient, compassionate and loyal.  She gives insightful feedback, considers both facts and emotions, and gives guidance in a way that is authentic and comfortable.  Her interpersonal skills lend themselves to a mutually trusting relationship.  She is flexible and a good leader in any situation. Steph has a calm and comforting presence and it is so easy to open up to her.  After I speak with her, I feel stronger, more capable and more confident in myself.  I trust her implicitly.” –KP

 “Steph has wisdom beyond her years and a quiet confidence to her. When she speaks she chooses her words wisely and when she thinks it's very methodical. Steph's intellect is balanced well with a warm and gracious demeanor.   It's practically impossible not to have some of her awesomeness rub off on you…she always empowers my core which helps in my work and especially in my growth as a person in this sometimes daunting world of ours.” –AY

 “Steph listens with an open ear, is insightful, and has always provided me with honest, caring support and feedback.  She is dedicated to her passions, but has a great sense of humor. She doesn't take herself too seriously and knows when to stop and just laugh.” –TC

 "As a fellow psychologist, I am very impressed with Dr. Catella's knowledge and abilities related to mindfulness and various psychological issues. She is very skilled in adapting mindfulness activities to individual needs and presenting them in a palatable, approachable way. I feel thankful to have found her and her Mindfulness in Everyday Life group and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking mindfulness training or psychological/coaching services." - TC